What is the Process for Getting a MyoPro?

Step 1. The Screening

The first step is an evaluation during which a clinician will discuss your condition, demonstrate the MyoPro and explain what it can and cannot do. Even patients with no visible arm mobility usually have sufficient muscle signals present for MyoPro to work.

Step 2. Face to Face appointment with your Doctor

Next is a face-to-face appointment with your physician to discuss the MyoPro. You will need to get a prescription from your doctor, and the doctor’s chart notes must be sent to Myomo.

Step 3. Securing Insurance Approval

We will take care of filing but may require your help with getting certain paperwork from your doctor. The approval process may involve some back and forth and take a few months, but we usually successfully secure coverage authorization.

Step 4. The Shape Capture

Each MyoPro brace is custom fitted to each patient for optimum performance. Your certified clinician will shape capture your arm for your custom brace. Typically your shape capture measurement takes 1 hour to complete.

Step 5. Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Step 6. The Delivery and Final Fitting

You return to the clinician for a final fitting, during which adjustments are made, and your MyoPro is tuned to suit your needs precisely. After a short training session, you get to take your MyoPro home. Finally, there are follow-up visits with an occupational or physical therapist to help you make the most of your new brace and enjoy a more active and empowered life.

It is recommended that all new MyoPro users attend occupational or physical therapy to develop proficiency and independence with their MyoPro. Once a therapist is trained on the MyoPro system, they can assist the user by developing a customized treatment plan to maximize their functionality and overall success. Therapy with a MyoPro can include functional task practice, improving muscle control and coordination, learning to don/doff the MyoPro, and caring for it at home. Questions? Contact us to discuss whether the MyoPro might be right for you.